Python Open Source

Python is a powerful object-oriented development terminology that can be used for many types of software progression. It gives you powerful assistance for incorporation with other dialects and resources, comes with comprehensive conventional collections, and can be discovered in a few days. Many Python developers review significant efficiency profits and feel the terminology promotes the progression of top quality, more maintainable value.

Python operates on Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, OS/2, Amiga, Hand Handhelds, and Htc cell mobile phones. Python has also been ported to the Coffee and .NET exclusive devices.

Python is allocated under an OSI-approved free certificate that makes it free to use, even for professional products.

Technical Details

Python 3.2.3
File size:
17.00MB (17,829,888 bytes)
Windows (All Versions)
Open Source
Date added:
April 12, 2012

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Online Ticket Booking System for Cinema in ASP.Net ( Computer Project )

This cinema ticket booking is a quicker, cleanser and a tad more personal website, specifically designed to make your booking experience better.

Customers may view the material of any film show whenever they want and may publication any film ticket as needed. This method instantly determines the subtotal and huge total. When a guest chooses to lastly publication check in, the order information such as the customer's name, address and payments instructions is saved in the data source safely and payment has been made.

The combination booking is also provided at plenty of duration of booking check in and there happens to be wonderful ability of providing the combining at your chair when you are viewing the film.

You need to sign-up a new user whenever you have first frequented or site then for future it will be saved in our data source completely and you can publication you film ticket whenever they want you want with this details.

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How to make Simple USB Tester

This is Simple USB polarity and information action tester
This is quite simple to make circuit ..

Steps by Images

How to Test.....

Green LED ON          >>Polarity OK
Red LED ON              >>Polarity Reversed


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Circuit On Mini Flasher

Here is a easy and lightweight flasher circuit that an be used where ever a blinking LED is required.The circuit discovers program in blinking beacons,alarms vehicle and more.
The circuit is nothing but an astable multivibrator according to IC NE 555 (IC1).The regularity of the oscillation will depend on the of R1,R2 ,R3 and C2.The LED shines when the out put  (pin3)  of IC1 goes great.The  IC1 NE 555 can quickly generate a LED.The resistor R4 functions as a present limiter for LED.

Circuit diagram


  • A 6V power provide or 6V DC energy can be used to energy the circuit.
  • If you never need consistent changes in the blinking amount use a predetermined for R2 and set it for the necessary amount.
  • The capacitor C2 must be ranked 10V

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Google Tap tries to April deceive with Googlemail a la Morse code

Not articles with the enjoyable believed of The Google Charts for Manufacturers Enjoyment System, The search engines also provides the concept of a two-key key pad that changes GMail into Morse code

I am pleased that The Google has used this first day of Apr to release yet more of its most brilliant technological innovation.
For the organization's GMail weblog has declared that it's a chance to shift beyond the QWERTY key pad. There are basically too many secrets to think about. Instead, why not decrease the variety of secrets to two?
How is this possible? By switching each key into a dot or a rush, thereby enabling you to deliver Gmail by Morse value.
"This creates it perfect for circumstances where you need to prudently deliver messages, such as when you're on some period or in a conference with your manager," had written a publish to the weblog by a application professional with the amazingly accidental name of Reed Morse.

In a magnificently created release movie, Morse himself describes that the designer of Morse value, Samuel F.B. Morse, was his great-grandfather's grandfather's sibling.
The naughty new The search engines item is known as Googlemail Tap. It already has its own item web page, where The search engines describes that it will provide "multi e-mail" function with a dual-threaded key pad, to allow you to kind several information at once. This is only, of course, for energy customers.
Moreover, in an even more impressive area known as "Coming Soon", the Googlemail group guarantees that it will present Send To Coast Mode, which "activates your cell phone's display to connect with other energy customers across an beach (of people)."
Some, having already observed about Google outstanding release of 8-bit The search engines Charts for Manufacturers Enjoyment Program, will experience sure that Googlemail Tap is another item of Apr Fools' spontaneity.
Gosh, you mean Googlemail Tap isn't real? Rush it.

©2012, Copyright Raju's Tech World

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